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G&A was founded in 1990 and in 30 years we keep innovating to meet corporate challenges and bring solutions. We  saw changing in consumer habits, technological revolutions, economic growth and crises, the rise of brands and  services. We have been through a lot.

We reinvented ourselves many times, explored new paths, got it right, made mistakes, learned. We learned a lot.

Only those who have lived three decades of constant innovation are able to keep discovering new paths. If your company needs to reinvent itself for the future, explore new technologies and go beyond, you can count on us.

Our expertise is also our greatest satisfaction: exploring the best path for our clients.



We are an independent PR agency specialized in exploring new paths to generate positive visibility to our clients. Beyond companies, businesses and products, we believe in communication between human beings: we treat our clients in a very personal way.

For 30 years, we have engaged people and brands, prevented crises, created communication channels, cultivated the sense of belonging of employees, trained speakers and spokespeople. And besides all, we have been exploring paths, bringing solutions and results over 30 years.

Count on us to go further. We are G&A. Your best path.


Our leadership

Agostinho Gaspar

Founder and partner

I seek not only the best in the work presented to me. I feel pleasure in going further, within ethics, to my own DEVELOPMENT and to achieve better results. Everyone wins with this strategy. Me the most.

Lais Guarizzi

Partner and president

MOVEMENT. I chose my profession more than 30 years ago, and it continues to surprise me. I am a natural-born observer, so I have the privilege of learning every day from others. I look at my business to absorb strengths, relate well to all variables, and rethink ways and strategies to enrich continually the strength of G&A.

Heloisa Picos

Partner and vice president

DELIVERY. This word represents me. Delivering passion, dedication and commitment. Going beyond, focusing on the solution and maximum quality. Be it a crisis management, a training or a simple contact, I use my experience to make a difference in the success trajectory of the clients.