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Let him who has never had a BIC® cast the first pen

The French brand BIC® is famous among consumers for its iconic Crystal pen, its lighters and shavers. In 2008, G&A accepted the challenge of expanding the multinational’s relationship with the business and specialized media.

After doing our homework – defining messages and training executives – we mapped out a strategic plan and started an aggressive relationship-building program with journalists and influencers. Since then we have held numerous meetings and events, perfecting the development of press kits and creative actions – from concept definition to action implementation, aligned with BIC® brand innovative, creative and educational spirit.

We have included BIC® in the digital environment, creating and managing profiles in the main social networks, mapping partnerships and achieving strong engagement. We plan and manage the pages based on integration of PR actions, customer service and advertising campaigns.

Company employees have also received special attention, with the creation, deployment and maintenance of BIComunica® Program, made up of bulletin board, Intranet and newsletter.

By 2015, we have taken on yet another challenging task: transforming the BIC® product catalog into a more attractive annual institutional magazine for the sales force and customers. The BIConnect® project was so successful that has become a benchmark for other countries.