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Digital influencers: Avoid posting for posting and invest in relationship


Digital influencers: Avoid posting for posting and invest in relationship

In times where digital transformation and customer experience guide the actions of the big brands in the market, the relationship with its consumers becomes more and more essential.

This scenario led to the rapid growth of digital influencers in the early 2000s. Relatively common people, but able to establish a fluid dialogue between brands and their customers, some with millions and millions of followers.

Relating to this audience is critical for a company that wants to be ever closer to its consumers. But how to get out of the herd effect and stand out among so many influencers and brands these days?

Influential marketing is no longer a trend and is currently one of the best ways to get away from posting just for posting and create relevant content through the right ambassadors.

Understanding where the brand wants to reach, who it wants to talk to, what it wants to communicate and what results it wants to achieve is the first step. Studying, ranking and analyzing each influencer and each social network where he is present is the second step.

Lastly, creating a strategic planning for content generation, relationship, and investment closes the cycle, but remember: it always keeps changing.

To turn all these actions into brand awareness and bring more and more brand lovers, it is also necessary dedication of time and effort of the whole team. Understanding this flow and being aware that relationship, the primary action of this whole process, is not created overnight, and needs to be nurtured constantly, is critical.

Influence marketing and relationship building do not have to cost a lot of money. In addition to the actions already mentioned above, it adds exposure and creativity and a brand can establish an efficient method of building relationships with influencers at their pace, on a constant basis.

The most important thing is believing on the concept and stop just talking about it and start doing it.

Renata Cerolini
Renata Cerolini

G&A Comunicação Corporativa – Account Manager