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Media training: G&A first brought the media training methodology to Brazil. Currently, we offer a range of integrated spokesperson training programs. In 30 years, more than 5,000 executives have been trained with us.

CAV+ (High Voltage Communication): training that aims to develop skills in corporate communication.

Crisis management and prevention: our committee of professionals highly specialized  in crisis management of the most varied degrees of complexity are able to act with agility, precision and caution.

Branded content: we help our clients to put their experience and knowledge at the service of the dissemination of specialized and high-quality content, through storytelling.

Content marketing: production and distribution strategy of relevant content to tell stories that matter to the public and help companies reach goals.

Press relations: the relationship with journalists is one of our great competences and we work in order to promote a positive agenda in strategic vehicles for our clients.

Internal communication: we believe on motivational campaigns and an integrated communication based on images, videos, games, applications, and other media that provide the dialogue between leaders and teams.

Stakeholder engagement: we manage communication actions to strengthen reputation and promote the engagement of the most varied stakeholders on different platforms.

Digital and social media: everything is digital. We help to create real experiences on different platforms, telling stories in order to engage the audience.

Influence marketing: research, strategy, creativity and relationships define our strategy with digital influencers. In order to generate visibility, impact the right audience is essential.

Digital monitoring: we promote a range of actions to reinforce engagement, ensure the quality of service, correct distortions, solve problems and, finally, make an affective assessment of the customer.