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Winning at private pension scrabble

VGBL, PGBL, Prev FIX, RT FIX FIC, RT C Vida, RT C Vida 2040 IV. It was not easy, but we can say that we have achieved the mission of making these acronyms understood in a clear and objective way by journalists who cover private pension. For more than a decade, we are Brasilprev partners in positioning it as an essential source in all matters related to the topic.

We have a responsibility of disseminating the concept of private pension as means of securing financial resources to achieve dreams. Over the years, we have put in place a constant program of relationship with opinion makers and content production for different types of media, as well as the commitment to expanding press service with different sources of information. Each year, we train new and current spokespeople to increase their communicative competence so that journalists have their demands met quickly and efficiently.

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