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The media has been radically changing and it is necessary to understand this complex dynamic, so fundamental in building and strengthening the company’s reputation. The relationship with journalists is among our great competencies and we work to give voice and credibility to the positions and initiatives of companies and institutions, both in times of success as in times of difficulty and in eventual crises.


Communicating properly with several audiences is a preponderant factor in the evolution of any company. Our trainings are carried out to meet specific needs, both for media relations (Media Trainings and structured sessions for prevention and / or management of reputation crises) and to establish access routes with other audiences (Communication Coaching in various formats and Social Media Training).


In a connected world, such as the one we live in, sensitive situations can compromise a company’s image very quickly and tarnish the reputation it was built over the years. In adverse scenarios, we activate our committee of highly specialized professionals in crisis management in the most varied degrees of complexity. The work excels in agility, precision and caution so that companies overcome sensitive moments of corporate life as well as are guided by a plan for image recovery.


Communication with employees continues to be a powerful management tool. We offer a mix of affordable and technological facilities with simple and practical use. We invest in motivational campaigns and message integration based on images, videos, games and applications, as well as countless other formats that provide dialogue between leaders and work teams.

Analisys of reputational capital

As communication consultants, we had a great desire: to join all stages of communication process into a single project. We start by mapping the reputational capital of brands and companies through the multi-stakeholder view, provide support for a diagnosis, followed by the planning and execution of crucial actions to the preservation of the organization image. CR359 thus emerges, and in its last phase compares and evaluates the results obtained.

CR359 is the result of our partnership with Instituto Marca e Reputação, a consultancy specialized in brand and relationship management. Come have a coffee with us and we’ll explain all the steps.

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We have a team of professionals dedicated to the analysis of trends, performance of industry segments, diagnosis of digital and offline environments, opinion auditing and measurement of results. The data is compiled in the most appropriate way for each customer’s need.


We align communication activities so organizations are connected to multi-stakeholder in several platforms.